What is Balayage?

Balayage is a highlighting technique that is designed to create very natural-looking highlights that grow out without developing a noticeable and obvious root. When the hair is highlighted with the Balayage process,the higlights are painted on by hand in a sweeping motion that moves from the base to ends of the hair. At the base, the product is appplied very lightly,the amount gradually increases as it is painted though the ends. The result is a " sun-kissed"look. as the hair grows out, the roots are less noticable

Where can I get Balayage highlights?

It is important that your stylist is skilled in the process as Balayage gone awry can be dificult to fix.It takes a skilled eye and steady hand and must be preformed by an experienced hairstylist trained in the technique.

What is the differance between foils a Balayage Highlights?

Foil highlights have the same amount of lightened hair from roots to ends  giving a hard demarcation line, showing regroth faster. Balayage highlights have less lightened hair at the roots getting lighter towards the ends with less noticable regrowth.


Visit Siggers or Artego online for more info.

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